To become a member, you need to pay a once-off joining fee of R 250.00 and a monthly subscription of R 125.00.


To become a member, click on the LOGIN button in the header, complete the required fields, click the SUBMIT button, and then you’ll receive a welcome email containing a temporary password. Then, you’re good to go!


Online registration is instantaneous, and you can begin using your membership as soon as you receive your welcome email.


Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time, by sending an email to support@mad-explorer.co.za


VBux are a Discount Rewards Currency. 1 Exploraz is equal to R1.00.


When you make a purchase on Mad Explorer, you may choose to redeem your Exploraz, for a discount on the amount you would ordinarily pay. Sound kind of confusing? Let’s take an example: Say you want to book a holiday, which would ordinarily cost you R 10,000, but for this particular holiday you can redeem 4,000 Exploraz as partial payment; so, you decide to use the full 4,000 Exploraz, and that means you now only need to pay R 6,000 for that holiday, giving you a 40% saving!


You can earn Exploraz in 1 of 4 ways:

  1. SIGNING UP – You will get 2,500 Exploraz when you sign up as a member of Mad Explorer. This is an exceptionally good deal, when you consider that you’re only paying R 250.00 to sign up (but you are instantly getting R 2,500 worth of Exploraz).
  2. BEING A MEMBER – You will earn 375 Exploraz every 3 months of your membership and an additional 1,500 every 12 months of your membership. Hold on, let’s just double-check the maths… So, your total annual subscription fees are R 1,500 (R125 x 12 months), but every 3 months you get 375 Exploraz, which is 1,500 Exploraz in total for the year, and then, over and above that, you also get another 1,500 Exploraz! Wow, so your total annual subscription is R 1,500, but you get R 3,000 worth of exploraz back every year – that’s a really sweet deal!
  3. SPENDING – You earn 2 Exploraz for every R10.00 spent! That’s right, over and above the amazing discount on offer, as a member, you also instantly get 20% of your purchase back in Exploraz.
  4. SPECIAL EVENTS – From time to time, you may also be gifted some additional Exploraz for various special events, like Nelson Mandela’s birthday or when Baroka F.C. win the Premier Soccer League. What exactly are these events and how much do you get? Well, keep checking our weekly newsletter, and you might be in for a nice surprise!


On the travel site: Before adding an item to your cart, adjust the slider below the member’s price, to the number of Exploraz you wish to redeem, and then add the item to the cart.

On the store site: Add the item to your cart, proceed to checkout, click the APPLY DISCOUNT button, enter the number of Exploraz you wish to redeem, and click the OK button.


Nope, as long as you’re a paying member, your Exploraz will never expire!


The amount of Exploraz which can be redeemed varies, depending on a number of factors. For example, the Exploraz amount on hotels will vary depending on the time of year, the size of room, and the demand for that particular hotel. Don’t worry too much about what these factors may be, just focus on getting the holiday you want and rest assured that we’re getting it for you at the best possible rate.


Unfortunately not, it is not uncommon to find discounts of as much as 75%, but you will always need to pay something toward your purchase.


Unfortunately, this is a highly competitive and strictly controlled market. While our discounts for Flights and Car Rentals may not seem huge, don’t forget that you also get 20% of your purchase back in Exploraz, which is something that no other travel provider can do.


Yes, absolutely! If you’re a member of a frequent traveller rewards programme (such as SAA Voyager or AVIS Wizard), you can enter your rewards programme membership number at check-out. Or even better, click the gear icon in the header menu, then click the Frequent Travel Rewards tab, click the ADD NEW button, then select your frequent traveller rewards partner from the drop-down menus, and enter your membership number before clicking on the SAVE button. Your frequent traveller rewards membership number will now automatically be added to every booking you make.


Unfortunately not. The only way you can earn Exploraz is through signing up, being a member, buying items on the website or through special events. Please see “How do I earn Exploraz,” in the FAQs, for more information.


When you cancel a booking or return an item, you lose the associated Exploraz which you originally earned when making that booking or buying that item; just like you’d never made the booking or bought the item in the first place.